Trampoline Routines and Elements

A trampoline gymnastics routine generally consists of 10 elements that are performed in succession without straight jumps between them.

In competition there are two types of routines:

Compulsory routines

Compulsory routines are usually done in the first round of qualifying.

They consist of predefined elements that are specified by the competition committee. These elements are only scored on execution, time of flight and horizontal displacement but not on difficulty.

Depending on the type of competition there might be severeal elements (often 2) that the gymnast can choose themselves and add to the routine. These voluntary  jumps will be scored on difficulty.

Example of a compulsory routine by Nathan Bailey:

Voluntary routines

voluntary routines consist of 10 elements that the gymnast can choose themself.

These elements are scored on execution, time of flight, horizontal displacement and difficulty. Click here to learn more about scoring

Example of a voluntary routine by Lei Gao: