Double mini trampoline scoring

The Score for each double mini trampoline pass is calculated from  the difficulty and execution score and any penalties that the gymnast or team may have gotten during the competition.

= difficulty 

Difficulty of  the performed elements 


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= execution

Execution score of the routine.

Deductions for faults are made from a base value of 10 points or 7

points if only the mounting element is valid.


3 Scores from the 5 execution judges are counted (lowest and

highest are discarded).


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= penalties 

penalties can be given to gymnasts for violating competition

procedure or dress code violations.


This Pass by Andrew Houston has a difficulty value of 7.2:

Fliffis Pike:  difficulty 2.8

Full-in Full-out Straight:  difficulty 4.4


His execution score for this pass is 28.8


The final score is therefore 36.0